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Elizabeth Huffmaster
Local artist Elizabeth Huffmaster dreamed of becoming an artist at a very early age.  She began private art lessons at the age of six in her hometown of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  She was introduced to many art mediums and excelled in creativity all through her elementary and high school years.  Rewards for her achievements in art spurred her to obtain a degree in Drafting and Design Technology.  Elizabeth gained employment with several large Naval Architecture Contractors on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  After the birth of her two children, she left her design career to devote more time to family.  Encouragement from her husband Richard, started her new career as a professional artist which offered her more time at home with her young children.  Elizabeth has illustrated two self-published books by local artists and is currently working on the third.  Her main medium is watercolor but frequently adds gouache (French opaque watercolor) and acrylics.  The bold use of color and whimsical subject matter is what appeals to most collectors as wells as Elizabeths' signature white lines in each piece of her work.  Her use of watercolor is a very unconventional way by using thick, bright, strong tones and avoiding the pale, pastel tones and washes of traditional methods. 
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