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World Renowed Artist
Williams Gallery is proud to announce that we are the only Authorized Gallery in Mississippi for World Renowed Artist, Todd White.  Todd's distinctive style and down to earth personality have won him an international reputation and his profile just keeps on growing.  His paintings captivate people.  They often invoke laughter and demand repeated viewings.  By revealing his subjects innermost feelings he creates timeless scenes of attraction and intimacy.  Todd White has become one of the worlds most collectable, successful living artist.  We encourage you to come visit the Gallery and experience all our art.
I have listed several images from Whispered Words and Pretty Lies Collection.  The above images are Hand Embellished Giclees on Canvas.  You must contact the Gallery for price information.

1.   Top Left Image:  "Panning For Gold"  Size:  12" x 29 1/4"  Limited Edition of 135
                               ***SOLD OUT AT PUBLISHER***
2.   2nd One Down:  "Girly Drinks"  Size:  10" x 16"  Limited Edition of 195
3.   Top Right Image:  "Her Satisfied Place"  Size:  30" x 20"  Limited Edition of 195
4.   2nd One Down:   "If You Knew Heartbreak Was Coming"  Size:  28" x 16" 
           Limited Edition of 195   ***SOLD OUT AT PUBLISHER***
5.   3rd One Down:  "Passing Notes At The Bar"  Size:  48" x 18"  Limited Edition of 195
6.   4th One Down:  "On Again, Off Again"  Size:  10" x 16"  Limited Edition of 195
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